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Key Issues for Richard Rosenzweig:

                    • Communicating with and listening to residents
                    • Promoting ethical government
                    • Protecting the quality of life of residents
                    • Protecting green and open spaces
                    • Protecting delivery of utilities and services to residents with low tax rates
                    • Giving each part of District 3 equally strong and effective attention


District 3 Commissioner Richard Rosenzweig

Accomplishments and Future Goals

As a commissioner since 2013, I have been working tirelessly for our Deerfield Beach community and District 3 residents. I am running in order to continue representing District 3 and the city in the upcoming March 14th election.

I am a member of the Broward County League of Cities and Florida League of Cities. Through these organizations, my focus has been on Deerfield Beach safety and consumer protection, by addressing problems caused by unlicensed contractors. I was instrumental in overhauling the permitting process and code enforcement. While still in need of further improvement, the changes in city functions have decreased the time required to obtain permits, and ensured that more responsive individuals are in place to serve Deerfield Beach citizens.

As a member of the Metropolitan Planning Board (MPO), I have worked on many issues of concern to our residents. These include the Sawgrass Extension and public transportation operations. Traffic congestion is an ever-increasing problem for commuters. I have worked with the MPO and Broward County officials to address transportation issues and push for the most sensible long-term solutions.

I have been a fierce advocate for Deerfield Beach citizens in dealing with their city problems. For example, I helped correct an issue involving residents having difficulties with satellite dish installations and related city codes. My mediation between the government offices ensured that residents kept their equipment and uninterrupted satellite programming. In representing the entire district, I have also addressed Crystal Lake pollution caused by the homeless population. As your commissioner, I have always been a hands-on problem solver, taking calls from people and working with numerous constituents in order to find solutions and overcome their tough obstacles.

Another area I am proud of is my ability to facilitate communication between district residents and the Deerfield Beach government. I have attended most Recreation Committee, Master Management and COOCVE meetings, as well as association meetings in the Crystal Lake neighborhood. In addition, I hold regular District 3 meetings and listen to the concerns and suggestions of community members. This ongoing district communication has allowed me to alert city departments of actions needed in the community.

As a smart growth proponent, I have worked with several government departments to promote tourism and responsible industry, while insisting Deerfield Beach retains its beautiful and unique character.

I have sought to bring a calm, reasoned, voice to the commission chamber, and work productively with the mayor, fellow commissioners and city staff, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Scrupulous about personal and professional integrity, I have attended all available trainings on ethics, provided by the Broward County Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Florida League of Cities.

I have been honored to serve as your commissioner since my election in 2013. My continuing efforts will build on these activities during my time as commissioner. As our city continues to grow, I will work to promote responsible growth, while working through the challenges involved in maintaining the very special qualities of our Deerfield Beach community. I am very excited at the prospect of continuing to advocate for community members and work on your behalf.


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